The Salt Circle [空虛 PART 2]

"Come, enter the salt circle. A shorter path is revealed by he who eats his time."

Seer recorded Vol. 3 and 4 in early 2016/禮拜

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Fran's Basement

No good came come when a bunch of twenty somethings hide out in their Grandma's basement, smoking doobies, pounding beers, and playing old video games.

Fran's Basement is a lifestyle podcast, where we wax poetic about nothing in particular and just chill.

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The Rift Wanderer Walks [空虛 PART 1]

"The rift wanderer walks between the cracks of past civilizations. A Foreigner within the realm of man, he is unfragile."

Seer recorded Vol. 3 and 4 in early 2016/禮拜

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Origins Parkour held their winter contest series on February 20th 2016. A couple homies competed. Here are the highlights.

Song - Stoked and Broke by Fidlar

Kim Gray - Perfume Ghost

"Making something from nothing..."

First single from the new album "Perfume" available Spring 2016 on Resurrection Records and Lolipop Records.

Directed/Shot/Edited By Lucien Xavier Cyr

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Kim Gray - Tropical Lowlife

"Perfume" LP and Cassette out spring 2016 on Resurrection Records and Lolipop Records.

Kim Gray is a Vancouver, BC band.

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Shot/Edited By: Lucien Xavier Cyr
Shot on VHS-C


Music is: "Wasting" by Grave Babies, courtesy of Hardly Art, check them out @

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Seer - Hive Mind

"Beneath that grotesque effigy
Inside that ancient tomb
Once the sand was cleared away
There lay a compass carved of bone

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Starring Camila Correa

Directed and Edited by Lucien Xavier Cyr
Cinematography By Dominik Stefan Marciniec

Special Thanks:

Yifan Yu

Older Gods

"Live fast die"

Shot on:

Bolex REX 5
Canon 514-S XL
Redlake Locam ii

Processed At:

Niagara Customs Lab

Telecined At:

Frame Discreet


Death Grips - Bitch Please


Shot on:
Bolex REX 5
Canon 514-S XL
Redlake Locam ii

Processed At:
Niagara Customs Lab

Telecined At:
Frame Discreet

Needle & The Damage Done - Neil Young

Stick And Poke - Poison

"I’ll live savage and free and reckless and wild..."

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"You know I'm no good at lying to you..."

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Anthony's Dreamland

Engulfed by the eternal dinge of late night television and old cigarettes, a seemingly quiet and restful night gives way to adventure as a sleeper walks through the seedy city into a cesspool of a society.

Anthony LoMascolo
Tracey Atin

Special Thanks:
Yi Xu
Qin Hao
Revival Social Lounge

Dan + Christina
Bye Bye PS3

I got my first video-game system in 1994, I was five years old. I loved my SEGA. Twenty years later it still works, but I no longer love video games. Because of hyper-disposability (the poor craftsmanship) of the product, I just can't justify putting time into memories that, in a year or two, will be lost in the harsh warm glow of yellow lights or red rings. Bye Bye PS3, you ruined video-games for me.

No Hope For The Warriors


Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground

Special Thanks:
John @ London Beje's

Richie Blackz - L'introduction

"When it boils down to it, it's like all we got is us..."

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Tater-Fresh - Checkin' My Fresh

That momentary flash of pure harmony that happens as, with your dying breath, all your ambitions come true while you fade to black.

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City Canvas - The Great Escape

"The Great Escape" from City Canvas's debut album Escape.


Recorded at: Anton DeLost & Lost Recording
Music video directed by: Lucien Xavier Cyr

London Skateboard COOP

The London Skateboard COOP is a London, Ontario gem. Supporting the community, selling all kinds of cool shit, a killer shop through and through. Hit them up!


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Heart Attack Kids:

Ahmed The Tricker